My Beef With Old Gas Log Fireplaces

- .  These have a two-pipe system, which allows them to bring in air directly from the exterior for combustion, instead of using the air in the home. My recommendation:  Invest in a newer direct vent gas insert.  My wife loves our gas fireplace, and I don’t have any specific problems with it.  While they’re usually not intended as a heat source, they kick out a lot of heat, especially if there is a blower fan installed ..More

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Two Ways To Correct An Improper Faucet On An Old Clawfoot Bathtub

- .  These valves will prevent potentially contaminated water from flowing back in to the potable water supply. If you like the faucet you have or you just don’t want to change out the faucet, another option is to have check valves installed in the water supply pipes.  If you choose this method, make sure the check valves are accessible – when the next inspector comes through, they’ll probably be looking for them ..More

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Tankless Water Heaters – A Few More Things to Consider

- .  I received a lot of good feedback from that post, both for and against tankless water heaters. In last week’s blog post, I discussed the amount of money I might save by having a tankless water heater installed, and I concluded that I would never see a return on my investment.  I thought it would be worth bringing up a few few of these points in another post ..More

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“You’re wasting your money on a home inspection, and we’re not going to fix anything.”

- . A home inspection is a PR opportunity for the builder.  This creates trust and goodwill with the buyer, which can lead to referrals.  If the home inspector comes up with a list of construction defects, the builder has a golden opportunity to fix the issues with a smile ..More

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Artificial Firelogs – Bad For Your Fireplace?

- . Artificial Firelogs are safer.  We’d stack logs, kindling, and paper until the fireplace was filled, then we’d light the paper and stand back.  For anyone else who grew up in a home with a wood burning fireplace, I’m sure this sounds typical.  We often had to sit several feet away from the fireplace because it was so hot.  I grew up in a home with a large wood burning fireplace, and we used to have some rip-roaring fires in that thing ..More

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