This home inspector’s love affair with flashlights

-  I use my flashlight all week long, then I put the batteries on the charger over the weekend. . The batteries are the same 18650 lithium ion batteries that my TK11 took, except it takes two batteries, not one like the TK11.  I’ve had the same batteries for my TK11 ever since I got it over two years ago, and I haven’t noticed any drop in performance ..More

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Home Inspections on Townhouses

- . Again, home inspectors can’t fully inspect the interior components without also inspecting the exterior components.  In the photo below, the duct for the kitchen exhaust fan is blocked by a bird nest ..More

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Radon in Granite Countertops: Don’t Worry.

- If you want to learn more about this topic, read what the unbiased parties have to say.  Check out the EPA info on radon in granite, or read this Position Statement on Granite Countertops and Radon Gas from the Technical and Science Committee of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST).  The bottom line, from both, is that you should have the radon levels in your home tested, whether you have granite countertops or not. ..More

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Water Stains on Windows

- The third cause of staining at windows, leaking water from the exterior, is the one that home buyers should be concerned about.  A window can leak from just the slightest defect in flashing at the top, and unfortunately, it’s not easy for home inspectors to know if a window is going to leak just by looking at the siding. ..More

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Black Stains on Roofs

- Some people get whipped up over the topic of bleach.  If you don’t like the idea of using bleach, you could buy a product made for cleaning roofs, such as RoofOX 3000.  I’ve heard good reviews, but never tried this stuff personally. ..More

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