This ‘Safety Check’ isn’t worth the paper it’s written on

- 2. The vent connector was wrapped with duct tape and completely rusted out underneath the duct tape; I could feel it crumble as I pushed on it. . Signs of deterioration don’t get much more obvious. The form specifically says the installer checked the vent connector for signs of deterioration ..More

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Zinc Strips Prevent Moss Growth on Roofs

-  You can actually buy rolls of zinc made just for this purpose. . The roof stays minty fresh zincy fresh below the vents because every time it rains, a small bit of zinc gets washed off the metal, which runs down the roof and kills whatever is growing on the shingles – whether it’s moss, algae, lichens… whatever.  The 50′ roll of zinc pictured below was about $25 at Home Depot.  If this is so effective, doesn’t it stand to reason that you could install strips of zinc along the top of the roof, and have them protect everything?  Of course ..More

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Trapping Your Condensate

-  These traps even come with a little cleaning brush so you can easily clean out the trap when needed. . In my opinion, the best kind of condensate trap is a pre-manufactured condensate trap, such as the one pictured below by EZ-Trap.  These kits have a clear plastic trap, so you can see when the trap gets filled with gunk ..More

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Four Common Water Heater Installation Defects

- . While Adam and Jamie do these experiments in style, the Watts company was doing these same experiments back in 1939 ..More

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Insulating A Rim Space

-   Without a vapor barrier at the rim space, you’ll have relatively warm, moist air passing through the fiberglass insulation and then condensing at the rim joist. . The old way of insulating rim joists was to use fiberglass batts.  This can create mold or rotting.  As I’ve mentioned many times in previous blogs, fiberglass batts are a poor choice of insulation for any project… but they should never be used at the rim space because it’s nearly  impossible to install a proper vapor barrier here, and fiberglass batts will allow for a lot of air leakage ..More

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