Top 20 Home Inspection Photos from 2011

- Bad Chimney Crown – We could tell this chimney crown needed repair just by looking at it from the ground, but we had no idea it would be this bad. .  This chimney crown obviously needs to be completely replaced ..More

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  • Commercial Septic Inspection Westminster, CO
Inspecting Tandem Circuit Breakers – aka Cheaters

-   As clearly indicated by the label on the side of the circuit breaker pictured below, these circuit breakers are not allowed in ClassCTLpanelboards. For panelboards manufactured before adoption of the Class CTL standard,  non-Class CTL tandem circuit breakers are allowed to be installed as replacement circuit breakers only. .   The difficulty for home inspectors is that the marking is not usually visible after installation, and home inspectors aren’t supposed to pull out circuit breakers to try to figure this stuff out.   Non-Class CTL tandem circuit breakers do not have the ‘rejection’ feature that Class CTL breakers have ..More

  • Septic Inspectors Waterbury, CT
  • Discount Infrared Inspection Norman, OK
Inspecting Permanent Wood Foundations

-  If you’re buying a home with a wood foundation, make sure your home inspector can check for moisture intrusion at several various locations around the perimeter of the foundation. . If you own a wood foundation, take the time to check it out for yourself.  If I ever buy a home with a wood foundation, this will be a prerequisite.  If everything is finished off, consider getting permission for a destructive inspection that would allow the inspector to do this ..More

  • Roof Inspection Midland, TX
  • Roof Inspectors Elgin, IL
Water Stains on Windows

- . Water stains on window sills can be a source of anxiety for home buyers, and it’s the home inspector’s job to help determine if the stains are the sign of a major problem or not ..More

  • Insurance Inspector West Covina, CA
  • Termite Inspector Clearwater, FL
Problems With Flipped Houses

-  The new panel has a state electrical inspection sticker on it, and everything looks great. . There is a brand new circuit breaker panel installed in the basement, which replaced the old 60-amp fuse panel.  Even the worst home flippers usually know better than to mess with the electrical; they don’t want their houses to burn down.  I don’t find many electrical problems on flipped houses ..More

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  • Property Inspection Pueblo, CO
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