Boiler Inspections – Finding Exhaust Gas Leaks

- . .  There is no acceptable amount of exhaust gas leakage.  Even if the exhaust gas leaking out of a boiler has a very low level of carbon monoxide, this is still a potential safety hazard that needs repair. Exhaust gas leakage is a problem because it could contain carbon monoxide, which can be deadly in high enough concentrations ..More

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Carbon monoxide alarm requirements for Minnesota, including the little details

-  You won’t find that information published on either of their web sites though; you actually need to call them to get that info. .  Kidde CO alarms last seven years, while First Alert CO alarms last five years. 3% of the CO alarms that I come across are made by Kidde or First Alert. When to replace: Approximately 99 ..More

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Dimmer Switch On Ceiling Fan = Fire Hazard

- . If the wiring for a ceiling fan is already in place in your home (ie – you have separate wires for the fan control and the light control), it should be fairly easy for a qualified person to wire up separate controls for the fan and the light, which will include the ability to dim the light ..More

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Whirlpool Maintenance

- .  If the water in the circulation piping sits stagnant for a while, there’s a good chance that this black gunk will start growing; it can take as little as a month for this to happen.  Personally, I don’t care what the stuff is – it’s gross no matter what. Have you ever turned on a whirlpool and seen a bunch of nasty black gunk shoot out of the jets?  I’ve heard it’s either mold or some kind of bacteria that feeds off dead skin cells ..More

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Chimney Repairs: Hire a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep®, not a Hack with a Trowel

- .  The sellers usually hire the cheapest chimney repair contractor they can find… and it’s usually an unqualified hack with a trowel.  Here’s how it works: the home inspector says the chimney needs repair, and the buyer tells the seller to fix the chimney. I don’t get hired to re-inspect chimney repairs often, but when I do, I’m often disgusted ..More

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