Gutters Aren’t Just About Wet Basements

-  When gutters are installed and maintained, this doesn’t happen.  This will almost always rot the door and  the wall around it. One of the worst areas that I regularly find problems with is where a roof valley dumps water on to a deck, and the water splashes against a patio door. ..More

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I’m not saying they cheated, but this doesn’t look good.

-  The buyers really wanted the house, so they agreed to have a second test performed.  They said the test had to be done by me, and the results would be averaged with the first test.  Here’s the unbelievable part: the seller crossed off that part of the purchase agreement addendum and wrote “we’ll see when the results come back. The buyer’s agent, who is a great guy that I know and trust, warned the young buyers that this was highly unusual.  If the average was still high, the seller would need to install a mitigation system. . ” ..More

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“You’re wasting your money on a home inspection, and we’re not going to fix anything.”

-  The home buyer hired me to inspect her new single family home before she finalized the purchase, and the builder apparently didn’t want to end up dealing with any hassles.  The builder’s rep told the buyer that having a new construction home inspection was a waste of money, and that even if I came up with any issues, it wouldn’t matter; the house had already been inspected by city, so they wouldn’t fix anything. That’s what a local builder told one of my customers. ..More

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Water Stains on Windows

-  A window can leak from just the slightest defect in flashing at the top, and unfortunately, it’s not easy for home inspectors to know if a window is going to leak just by looking at the siding. The third cause of staining at windows, leaking water from the exterior, is the one that home buyers should be concerned about. ..More

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Is your water heater large enough for your bathtub?

-  With 140 degree water coming out of the hot water spout at my bathtub, I could mix in a lot of cold water to get the water to a comfortable temperature, and I was able to fill up my bathtub. In order to use the whirlpool at my bathtub, I cranked up the temperature on my water heater from a safe 120 degrees to a dangerous 140 degrees (or so). ..More

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