Radon Testing – What The Results Mean

- We use a continuous electronic monitor. .   The test results give a breakdown of the average radon concentration by the hour.   The test gets placed in the lowest livable space in the home, and stays there for a minimum of 48 hours ..More

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I’m not saying they cheated, but this doesn’t look good.

- When I picked up the radon test at 6 pm on Friday, the bedroom window was open. .  It was below freezing outside, the house was vacant, and the temperature was supposed to drop down to the teens that night.  The window wasn’t open when we set the test ..More

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Why the relief valve at the water heater is leaking, and what to do about it

- When this happens, the T&P relief valve for the water heater can leak. .  This doesn’t happen every time a pressure reducing valve is installed, but there may be other problems that show up in the house, such as the toilet fill valves randomly re-filling toilets, or faucets chronically dripping ..More

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Artificial Firelogs – Bad For Your Fireplace?

- I don’t know where this idea got started, but there’s a rumor goin’ round that artificial firelogs are bad for your fireplace. .  Artificial firelogs are also known as fake firelogs, wax firelogs, or artificial wax firelogs.  Artificial firelogs are not bad for your fireplace; in fact, they’re cleaner, safer, easier, and cheaper than regular wood.  This is a myth ..More

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Problems With Flipped Houses

-  I’ve found a few handrails at flipped houses that were only attached to drywall. The handrails are new, but they might come right out of the wall if you pull on them. ..More

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