Whirlpool Maintenance

- . Jacuzzi: Twice a month or more, clean the whirlpool with their exclusive cleaning product, called Systems Clean ..More

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Water Softener Installation Defects

- .  The reason for this is that softened water will have a higher sodium content – but probably not enough to make much of a difference, according to the Mayo Clinic web site. It’s also standard practice to connect the cold water for the kitchen sink upstream of the water softener ..More

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Carbon monoxide alarm requirements for Minnesota, including the little details

-  Kidde CO alarms last seven years, while First Alert CO alarms last five years.  You won’t find that information published on either of their web sites though; you actually need to call them to get that info. . 3% of the CO alarms that I come across are made by Kidde or First Alert. When to replace: Approximately 99 ..More

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Gutters Aren’t Just About Wet Basements

- One of the worst areas that I regularly find problems with is where a roof valley dumps water on to a deck, and the water splashes against a patio door.  When gutters are installed and maintained, this doesn’t happen. .  This will almost always rot the door and  the wall around it ..More

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Problems With Stapled Shingles

- When staples are installed properly, they work fine, but they’re just too easy to install wrong.  To know if a roof has been installed with staples, you can sometimes see the outline of the staples pushing through the shingle above. .  This issue doesn’t happen with nails, because they have a round head; as long as a nail is driven in to a shingle straight, it doesn’t matter which way the nail gun is turned ..More

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