Training Advice For Future Minnesota Home Inspectors

- Roger:  REALTORS® and home sellers were directly affected by this new requirement, and I quickly became aware of the need to explain the program to real estate agents listing properties in Minneapolis. I spent many Tuesday mornings speaking at real estate offices around the Twin Cities, doing slide shows on what the program required and what the evaluators checked.  I also began working with my partner Cheryll Brown and helped train her to conduct all types of home inspections. ..More

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Trapping Your Condensate

- The other type of trap is a field fabricated trap, which takes a little more to assemble and isn’t so easy to clean, but is also far cheaper.  These can be easily assembled with a few cheap plumbing parts.  The photo at the top of this blog was the condensate drain at my own house… dontcha love how the plastic was wrapped with metal tape to keep it from melting where it touched the furnace vent?  Ha ha. .  That wasn’t my doing ..More

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Dimmer Switch On Ceiling Fan = Fire Hazard

- I love dimmer switches; I use them to control a lot of lights in my home. Installing a dimmer switch is a common enough DIY project, but like any other DIY project, I often find them installed improperly.  I recently wrote about overloaded dimmer switches, but the most common problem I find is a dimmer switch connected to a ceiling fan. ..More

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Artificial Firelogs – Bad For Your Fireplace?

- I don’t know where this idea got started, but there’s a rumor goin’ round that artificial firelogs are bad for your fireplace.  This is a myth.  Artificial firelogs are not bad for your fireplace; in fact, they’re cleaner, safer, easier, and cheaper than regular wood. .  Artificial firelogs are also known as fake firelogs, wax firelogs, or artificial wax firelogs ..More

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This year, I’m thankful for closed-cell foam insulation. Yeah, that’s right.

- Unsealed vapor barriers create heat loss.  Just thirteen years ago, vapor barrier were never sealed. It was standard practice to just use a stapler to throw the poly on the walls and leave everything completely unsealed. .  This practice allows for air to constantly circulate within the fiberglass insulation, creating a convective loop, which means a lot of heat gets lost through the walls ..More

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