Problems With Stapled Shingles

- Also notice, these staples aren’t perpendicular to the shingle.  This is the installation problem that typically happens with staples. ..More

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Poorly insulated attic access panels

-  If it’s leaking, you’ll see air movement here. If you want to know if your access panel is airtight, just waft some smoke around the panel edges.  While air leaks at the lower levels create cold drafts, you usually don’t feel them at the attic access panel because it’s air leaving the house, not coming back in. ..More

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Black Stains on Roofs

- For this blog, I started by cleaning a small section of the roof and letting the shingles dry, just to get a good photo showing how effective this is. ..More

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Tree Branches, Exposed Power Lines: Who Fixes What

- These are all immediate safety hazards that should be repaired by the utility company.  Scary, huh?. .  While you may be thinking to yourself “but those are too high to even reach”… just imagine waving around an aluminum roof rake after a heavy snow fall ..More

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This home inspector’s love affair with flashlights

- .  I use my flashlight all week long, then I put the batteries on the charger over the weekend. The batteries are the same 18650 lithium ion batteries that my TK11 took, except it takes two batteries, not one like the TK11.  I’ve had the same batteries for my TK11 ever since I got it over two years ago, and I haven’t noticed any drop in performance ..More

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