Chimney Repairs: Hire a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep®, not a Hack with a Trowel

-  The sellers usually hire the cheapest chimney repair contractor they can find… and it’s usually an unqualified hack with a trowel. . I don’t get hired to re-inspect chimney repairs often, but when I do, I’m often disgusted.  Here’s how it works: the home inspector says the chimney needs repair, and the buyer tells the seller to fix the chimney ..More

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Tankless Water Heaters – A Few More Things to Consider

-  I thought it would be worth bringing up a few few of these points in another post. . In last week’s blog post, I discussed the amount of money I might save by having a tankless water heater installed, and I concluded that I would never see a return on my investment.  I received a lot of good feedback from that post, both for and against tankless water heaters ..More

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Black Stains on Roofs

-  This black staining is typically caused by an algae, and usually shows up on areas of the roof that don’t get much sunlight, such as the north side. . If you have nasty black stains on your asphalt shingle roof, don’t worry.  The black staining won’t damage the shingles, and it won’t make your roof leak ..More

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Gutters Aren’t Just About Wet Basements

- That wall sheathing is severely deteriorated, and a few of the studs were actually mushy.  This is just one more reason to install gutters.  I’m certain that gutters would have prevented this entire mess. ..More

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Radon in Granite Countertops: Don’t Worry.

-  Granite countertops may contain trace amounts of radon, but not enough to be of any consequence. I’m not worried about granite countertops.  Gee, imagine that. From everything I’ve read about this scare, I think it’s mostly a laughable smear compaign; the people saying granite countertops present a radon risk are largely the manufacturers of competing products.  Being worried about granite is a little bit like being afraid of dirt.  In the same article, another expert says you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than being at risk for cancer because of radon in granite.  As for that New York Times article and the idea that some granite might heat up your Cheerios… I’m sorry, but that’s just absurd. Not the slightest bit. ..More

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