Don’t Get Locked Out Of Your Garage

- These kits cost about $15, and they take about ten minutes to install, if you really take your sweet time. .  The only tools you’ll need are a drill, drill bits, and a wrench.  This is a very DIY project ..More

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Black Stains on Roofs

- Some people get whipped up over the topic of bleach. .  I’ve heard good reviews, but never tried this stuff personally.  If you don’t like the idea of using bleach, you could buy a product made for cleaning roofs, such as RoofOX 3000 ..More

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The Most Common Dishwasher Installation Defect

- To summarize, the reasons for the high loop are to prevent potential backflow of water in to the dishwasher and to prevent improper drainage of water. .  In Minneapolis, the lack of a properly installed high loop under the kitchen sink requires repair for their Truth-In-Sale of Housing evaluations.  Even though dishwashers come from the factory with the drain looped up high against the side of the dishwasher, this is not an acceptable substitute for the high loop underneath the kitchen sink ..More

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Is your water heater large enough for your bathtub?

-  Now, cold water gets mixed in with all of the hot water coming out of the water heater, making it seem as though my water heater is much larger than it is. To make up for this, I installed a tempering valve at the hot and cold water pipes right above my water heater.  The water that comes out of the faucets can be adjusted at the tempering valve, and I have it set at 120 degrees. .  This was a much cheaper alternative to replacing my water heater or buying a second water heater, and it was fairly easy to install ..More

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Inspecting Permanent Wood Foundations

-  If you’re buying a home with a wood foundation, make sure your home inspector can check for moisture intrusion at several various locations around the perimeter of the foundation. If you own a wood foundation, take the time to check it out for yourself.  If everything is finished off, consider getting permission for a destructive inspection that would allow the inspector to do this. .  If I ever buy a home with a wood foundation, this will be a prerequisite ..More

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