Problems With Flipped Houses

- .  The original wood windows were replaced with vinyl inserts, but the old wood at the exterior is still rotting away and has been freshly painted, or someone did a quick and dirty job of wrapping the windows with aluminum and left a lot of rotted wood still exposed. Shoddy workmanship abounds at the exterior ..More

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What good is a 100 amp electric service?

- .  For the record though, the smallest allowable service for a new home today is 100 amps. I invite you to plug in the numbers from your own home at the online load calculator that I linked to above – you might be surprised at how small of a service you could actually get away with ..More

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Black Stains on Roofs

- Some people get whipped up over the topic of bleach.  If you don’t like the idea of using bleach, you could buy a product made for cleaning roofs, such as RoofOX 3000. .  I’ve heard good reviews, but never tried this stuff personally ..More

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Insulating A Rim Space

- To cut down on basement heat loss, an obvious place to start at is the rim space.  I mentioned this a couple weeks ago when I wrote my post about how I had my entire basement re-insulated, but today I’m going to focus on the rim space alone and discuss the different options for insulating and air sealing this space. ..More

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Why the relief valve at the water heater is leaking, and what to do about it

- What would happen if a one-way valve, or check valve, was installed on the water supply piping for the house?  The water wouldn’t have anywhere to go.  As the water heater heats the water, it expands, which builds up pressure in what is now essentially a closed system. .  When the pressure builds up enough, the T&P relief valve on the water heater just does it’s job and relieves the excess pressure by leaking a little water ..More

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